3 Powerful Easy-To-Apply Insights For Courage In The Face Of Uncertainty

Shared by Dr. Fauci Just Before He Turns 80

3 Ways To Maintain Your Grit. Photo supplied by author, copyright : Tom Holt

Most people know Dr. Anthony Fauci for his current role in the Coronavirus Task Force under Donald Trump. As the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984, he has is the top civil servant when it comes to US health and immunology. He’s about to serve his 7th President.

Dr. Anthony Fauci. Photo supplied by author, via Wikimedia

Dr. Fauci has been credited with being involved with turning the tide on the HIV/Aids pandemic in the 1990s and also with addressing the international Ebola and Zirka outbreaks in later years. (Even so, he dubs COVID-19 the worst public health challenge since the Spanish flu more than a century ago). He told Kathryn Ryan presenter of Radio New Zealand ‘it’s the most dramatic and impactful’— especially given what’s happened within one year, from outbreak to vaccine. Less than a week before his 80th birthday on Christmas Eve 2020, in the same interview, he shared three crucial, easy to apply insights about garnering your energy and passion in difficult times:

“I try not to fall into a lowest point.

‘My responsibility [as a scientist and a public health official in charge of the institute responsible for most of the science and the vaccine development, and the development of therapies] is to always keep myself in an energetic and a positive mood. Even though sometimes things are dire. I could name several times when things looked bleak (…). That’s a very difficult thing to accept, but it’s the truth, and you have to deal with it.

“I have a passionate commitment to my responsibilities.

‘The enormity of the problem is such that you’ve got to be able to garner your energy and keep going. Because the responsibility is great.

“When you put the effort in, you can get good results.

‘And that’s what drives me. That’s what keeps me energized, despite all of the issues that surround me that sometimes seem insurmountable’.

So I’m going to keep going until I reach a point where I felt I’m no longer able to make a contribution.

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