A True Travel Story

Photo credit: Wikimedia, public domain, Richard Webb / Sound of Soay / CC BY-SA 2.0

Even at force zero, however, the gentle North Atlantic swell can upset your vestibular system. ‘Next time, sleep with your shoes on,’ suggests a seasoned…

19 Possible Mistakes with 19 Fixes

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Even the Financial Times wrote about morning pages and they, too, supplied incorrect instructions. To be fair, Julia Cameron, who gave the world morning pages as part of ‘The Artist’s Way‘, wrote: “There is no wrong way to do morning pages”. But this line is usually highlighted without referring to the rest of Cameron’s instructions. ‘You cannot do it wrong’ refers to content, quality, results and effects of the practice; What you’re putting on the page doesn’t matter. But how you’re doing morning pages is crucial! …

“Reading Recipe Books And Dancing On Bad Children’s Music”

Aotearoa New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Photo credit: Wikimedia public domain

“When we’re in a responsible role, we can have this idea that it’s somehow selfish to take time out. People have an expectation you work every moment that you have. And for the most part, many of us do. …

An intermittent coffee-fast maintains caffeine’s long-term beneficial impact on creativity and productivity

3 Days is long enough for a coffee-fast. Photo provided by author via 123rf.com. Copyright : Dean Drobot

It’s Rossini’s good fortune that this was precisely the time he needed to write an entire opera. Well, that’s according to the French novelist and playwright Honoré de Balzac, who wrote about Rossini’s coffee habits in Traité des excitants modernes.

In his article ‘Music in the…

A 10-minute Writing Prompt

It’s important to time this writing exercise! — Image provided by the Author. Copyright : Sopida Fungpipat

First of all, set your kitchen timer (or the timer on your phone if you must) for 10 minutes. This is important! The reason to set a timer is explained very well in Pat Pattison’s book ‘Songwriting without boundaries’:

“Soon, during your timed writing, something like this will happen: Your writing will start to roll, diving, plunging, heading directly for the soft pink and blue glow below…

(And other nostalgia-inducing scenarios)

Photo purchased by author via 123rf.com — Copyright : Heiko Kueverling

So moving overseas is definitely a risk factor for homesickness, heiweh, saudades de casa, mal du pays, sıla özlemi. Leaving behind all that is familiar and shaping a new life, a complicated mix of feelings is unleashed.

Apart from the excitement and a sense of adventure, you may feel grief and depression, loneliness and sadness. …

The perfect excuse to hike the most beautiful corners of Scotland’s “Highlands and Islands”

A Scottish Mountain captured by feipeng yi on Unsplash

It’s an excellent excuse to hike the most beautiful corners of Scotland’s “Highlands and Islands”. Munro-bagging enjoys an ever-increasing popularity. The number of people who have completed all the 282 peaks has tripled over the past two decades. Munro-bagging offers challenges at every level of hiking and climbing.

Anyone who aspires to — one day —planting a flag on the snowy peak of Mount Everest may remain unimpressed by the madness Munro scoring can bring…

Shared by Dr. Fauci Just Before He Turns 80

3 Ways To Maintain Your Grit. Photo supplied by author, copyright : Tom Holt

Now That Most Of Us Can’t travel

Cape Reinga Walkway, Far North, Northland, Aotearoa New Zealand. Photo by Fiona Clyde on Unsplash

Not that the South Island isn’t beautiful. But the North Island! And especially the area where I live: Northland. It’s where the country best expresses its true nature, culture and atmosphere. And call me biased, but the more northerly you…

1-Minute Writing Prompt

A quick, all-in-one exercise for writing, creativity, flow.

Triple-edged sword: Nature as a metaphor. Photo supplied by author, copyright via 123rf.com: Viktor Pravdica

You know you are nature, made of the same stuff as…. well, everything else.

“(…)our human genetic code is constructed by the exact same four neculeotides (complex molecules) as every other for of life on the planet. At the level of our DNA, we are related to the birds, reptiles, amphibians, other mammals, and even the plant life.”

— Jill Bolte Taylor in ‘My Stroke of Insight’.

But it’s one thing to know this and quite another to connect with this reality.

How do you do this when even going for a…

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