Beauty is an Essential Ingredient for the Sanity Of Humanity

But Some of Us are Better Prepared for It than Others

Sitara Morgenster


Image supplied by the Author.

Some things in life are stable and remain with us no matter what happens. Breath is a good example; breath as the air you breathe or, some might say, are being breathed with.

Breath enters, animates, and leaves until the next inhalation. Exhaled back into the surroundings you currently occupy, floating around, picked up by your houseplants to filter it clean. Perhaps leaving out the window or inhaled by the next person in the same space. Or dispersed more swiftly and ethereally, forever to mix with other elements, then to disappear from the atmosphere known to us. Leaving for the unknown, death in the form of a last breath.

This is what I call beauty.

Not the only beautiful phenomenon in life’s reservoir of beauties made available to earth’s creatures, but definitely one of the more significant ones from where I’m standing. Your viewpoint is likely different, and you might not call what I just described beauty at all. For you, it will be something else.

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, but some beholders experience more of it than others.

A bird that moves you using its humor or its feathers or clever flighty skills, perhaps? Cloud formations that catch your attention. The face or form of another. Sunset, sound, sensual scents. Nature, art, buildings, quirky juxtapositions, words, or a laugh from the lips of someone you adore. Otherwise, maybe something entirely unexpected and unusual. There is beauty for every persuasion.

It’s not always exalted. It can be a quick surprise, a simple gesture, a common something in the right light or at the right moment. It can be engineered and calculated. Dance, colors, clothes, musical performances. The opportunity for beauty in our lives is endless. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, but some beholders experience more of it than others.

Lately, I’ve come to feel that beauty is becoming a crucial feature in our lives, given the current state of our world. It’s starting to become an essential ingredient for the survival of our sanity and…



Sitara Morgenster

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